• Make an impact with every purchase of Buy & Give copy paper

    When you purchase Buy & Give paper, you’re not just buying a product – you’re supporting local, non-profit organizations with every paper purchase.

  • Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges in Craft Beer Packaging

    Watch Millcraft COO Greg Lovensheimer as he moderates a panel discussion covering strategies for small breweries dealing with aluminum can supply chain issues at the 2023 Ohio Craft Brewers Conference.


    We’re a family-owned business with over a century of experience in the paper, packaging, and graphic arts industries.

    Join us, and make a difference with Millcraft.

  • Sustainability Sells in the Wide-format Space.

    See how Wide-Format marketing and paper-based substrates speak volumes in showcasing your business’ sustainable efforts.

  • Captivating Audiences With AR and Print

    Augmented reality technology is hard to put your finger on because it can become virtually anything. You’ll know you fully appreciate this emerging technology the moment you find yourself jaw agape, mind blown—seeing the limitless possibilities for your business, literally in your hands, when AR technology meets print.



A century of delivering paper and packaging solutions

Discover the legacy of a century dedicated to delivering unparalleled paper and packaging solutions at Millcraft. In today’s ever-evolving landscape, the vitality and relevance of paper and packaging have reached new heights. With an array of innovative formats, substrates, processes, and creative solutions, we redefine the way you do business, making it easier than ever before. Experience the difference with Millcraft, where exceptional results are guaranteed.

Just ask. We will deliver.

Paper Solutions

Just ask. We’ll deliver.

With 19 (and counting) well-placed distribution centers and sales offices, more than 10,000 stocked products, a fleet of trucks, and a proprietary Nighthawk Delivery System, you’ll get the paper you need, when you need it.

Packaging Solutions

Just ask. We’ll collaborate and find solutions.
Let our team of packaging gurus help you from your moment of inspiration through the final delivery of your product.

We provide the ‘full package’, which includes a huge selection of packaging materials and equipment from leading suppliers.

Beverage Solutions

Your Craft Is Our Passion

With more than 100 years of experience in distribution, we understand exactly what you need to package and brand your craft beverage effectively.

Cans, handles and carriers; labels, sleeves, cartons and trays; chemicals, cleaners and equipment…what you need to get your beverage packaged, branded, out the door and into the hands of your customers.

Beer Can Image
Beer Cap Picture

Wide Format Solutions

Solutions to capture your creative designs.

Paper and packaging are more alive and relevant today than ever before, with formats, substrates, processes, and creative solutions that make doing business easier. Millcraft will help you achieve the impact you’re looking for. Just ask. We will deliver.

Apparel Solutions

Direct-to-garment printing is the fastest-growing segment in the print industry.

As customer requests for an on-demand service increase, a solution is needed now more than ever. With over 100 years of expertise in the print market, we have the apparel decorating solutions to help your business succeed with custom-tailored printer packages.

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Our design and solution specialists are waiting to create your sample.