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The Millcraft Paper Company Acquires
Greenwich, Connecticut-based Brown Paper Company

Cleveland, Ohio, July 1, 2015:  The Millcraft Paper Company, one of the foremost privately held paper and packaging distribution companies in the United States, today acquired Greenwich, Connecticut-based Brown Paper Company
Brown Paper Company, a leading, national distributor for the Business Forms Industry for over 28 years, serves large and mid-sized Business Forms and Direct Mail Printers with the industry’s most coveted paper mills in the continental United States.
“We are excited to be adding Brown Paper to the Millcraft organization.  This acquisition reaffirms our commitment to strategically growing our business within the paper industry,” said Travis Mlakar, Millcraft’s president.  “Brown Paper has built a prominent position in the forms industry by remaining conscientiously focused on meeting their customers’ needs, aligning with key mill suppliers, and adding value to their supply chain through the strong connections forged between them.”
“As our industry evolves, it is increasingly important that we expand our horizons with the products, services and capabilities we are able to bring to our customers.  Millcraft offers the broader scope of products and deeper sales expertise in areas of paper and packaging which have not traditionally been a focus of our business.  We are confident that Millcraft’s diversified capabilities platform will not only preserve but strengthen the great relationships we have been fortunate to develop with our customers over the last 28 years,” said Doug Brown, President of Brown Paper Company and now Millcraft’s Director of Form Solutions.

With this purchase, Millcraft continues a long history of strategic acquisitions throughout its nearly 100 years in business which not only support Millcraft’s commitment to serving the fine printing paper market, but also diversify its product and service platforms to meet the industry’s changing needs.
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A Snapshot of PaperClips Issue No. 348, July 16, 2015

Paper & Packaging Board Featured Video:  How Life Unfolds™ : Letters to Dad
Source:   Paper and Packaging Board, July 8, 2015

The Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds ™ consumer campaign launched last week as a cross-platform campaign designed to slow the decline in paper usage and grow demand for packaging. This new campaign from the manufacturers and importers of paper and paper-based packaging highlights the important role paper and packaging play in our lives, helping us accomplish our goals at home, at school and in the workplace.

So what do you do when you miss a dad who’s far away? Watch this video to see how paper and packaging help a little boy and his father stay close...

Unpacking Print’s Luxurious Future
Source:   Michael Brunt, Chief Marketing Officer, The Economist/Folio, July 14, 2015

As much as digital media has gone through turbulent times in the past few years, it is print that has more often been considered the endangered species of publishing. With declining circulations and subscription rates, there is no doubt that print has been on the front lines of a battle to stay relevant to the consumer. For The Economist, we are seeing an interesting mix of readers who engage with our brand—among our new subscribers, we have been surprised to find that younger people, particularly students, are slightly more likely to sign up for a print-only subscription rather than a digital subscription...

'People are returning to print because it achieves results’
Mark Cruise, head of print management, UK-based Sky, one of the biggest brand-side print spenders in the UK.
Source:  PrintWeek, June 29, 2015

With an annual print spend varying from £12m to £14m and upward, depending on the media and communications giant’s marketing goals that year, Sky is regarded by some in the industry as a bellwether brand on the effectiveness of the various marketing platforms.  When asked in a PrintWeek interview whether Sky has been loyal to print, Mr. Cruise answered:

"It’s not a question of loyalty; we use it because it works. It does the job – that’s why we use it"...

What is Greenwash?
Source:  Two Sides, July 2015

Greenwash is an environmental claim which is unsubstantiated or irrelevant.  It is often used by organisations to mislead consumers or distract them from the truth.

Consumers have become ever more environmentally concerned and they rely on corporate messages and advertising to make informed purchasing choices. If organisations jump on the environmental bandwagon and go about claiming that everything they engage in is ‘green’, ‘better for the environment’ or ‘eco-friendly’, consumers don’t know who to trust. Greenwash has the power to undermine confidence in advertising to the point that consumers don’t trust any of the messages...

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