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A Snapshot of PaperClips Issue No. 290, April 10, 2014

Cenveo Provides Update
Source:  Cenveo Press Release, April 7, 2014

In September 2013, Cenveo, Inc. acquired certain assets of National Envelope through the bankruptcy process.  As part of the consideration for the acquisition, Cenveo issued approximately 2.1 million shares to the debt holders of National Envelope.  Under the terms of the purchase agreement, the debt holders were restricted from selling the Cenveo shares for a period of six months from the date of the acquisition.  This six months period has now lapsed.  We believe that the recent increased trading activity and volatility in our stock is largely related to the expiration of the six month restriction period…

Arjowiggins to Sell US Coated Division

Source:  Arjowiggins Press Release/UWID Pulp and Paper, April 10, 2014

Sequana is working to reduce Arjowiggins' exposure to standard coated paper and strengthen company's position in recycled paper in Europe .

Arjowiggins plans to definitely exit the US market for coated graphic paper. According to Arjowiggins' parent Sequana, the company has initiated a process to sell off its US Coated division. The divestment of the coated graphic paper business in the US is said to be part of Sequana's strategy to reduce Arjowiggins' exposure to standard coated paper segment and refocus the company on the specialty business…

Can a Print Publication Be Equally Effective Online?
Testing the Effect of Medium Type on Marketing Communications
Source:   Print in the Mix/Virginia Tech, March 2014

In an effort to test the effectiveness of the print and online versions of the university's alumni magazine on open rate and recall, Virginia Tech alumni subscribers received either a print version of the magazine or an e-mail invitation that linked to the online version of the magazine at the VT website. Then, subscribers were contacted via a telephone survey until 675 surveys (print n=337; online n=338) were completed.

Recall of receipt:   Of the respondents who received the online version, only half (49 %) recalled receiving the email invitation with the link. Of the respondents who received the print version, 82% recalled having received the publication…

February Printing Shipments Down, and Not Just Because It’s a Short Month

Source: Dr. Joe Webb, WhatTheyThink, April 3, 2014

February 2014 US commercial printing shipments were $5.73 billion, down $292 million (-4.8%) compared to 2013. On an inflation-adjusted basis, they were down $349 million (-5.7%). January 2014 shipments were revised up slightly, by $13 million. Together, January and February shipments were $11.84 billion, -5.1% on a current dollar basis, and -6.2% on an inflation adjusted basis, compared to 2013.

February is a short month, of course, but that does not change the fact that it was the worst month since January 1992…

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