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Millcraft Refreshes Brand to Meet the Future while Honoring Its 94-Year History

Cleveland, Ohio, April 28, 2014: 
Millcraft, the leading Midwest-based independent merchant of paper, packaging and graphic arts products, has launched a rebranded visual identity. The company has unveiled a fresh, more open representation of its 94-year old corporate logo while preserving the company’s long-held guiding principles and mission to be viewed as the easiest to do business with. 

With the help of Cleveland-based, award-winning design and creative firm, designRoom Creative, Millcraft undertook the rebranding project, its first in 30 years. The purpose was to review the company’s brand in order to ensure that it reflected the organization’s new focus on expanded product lines including shipping and packaging supplies, as well as a broad range of printing substrates beyond the commercial paper grades that Millcraft has traditionally represented.

Millcraft has retained the well-known mill and waterwheel that since 1920 have represented industrial ingenuity, craftsmanship, hard work and progress. However, the logo has been re-crafted without the circular boundaries visible in its earlier versions to suggest the company’s open commitment to the future of its industry, limited only by the imagination. The new colors, while modest in difference, symbolize renewed energy and a modern, bold approach to business.

In addition to the modernized waterwheel and fresh, contemporary colors, the company’s new tagline “Just Ask” embodies Millcraft’s guiding philosophy of adopting a servant style approach to the relationships that have always provided the foundation for the company’s success…. a call to action, so to speak, to Millcraft employees, customers and vendors.

Millcraft President Travis Mlakar comments, “A brand is nothing more than a symbol or flag that represents, in one image, the accomplishments over time of a passionate group of people. Our new brand, while created by designRoom Creative, will ultimately be defined by the hard work and achievements of the people who call Millcraft home. In time, it will become a symbol for how we treat customers and the relationships that we have been fortunate enough to develop with our service-oriented approach.”

“Our new brand is an exciting next step in Millcraft’s evolution…never wavering from its 94-year old foundation but always building upon it in order to grow and improve, “ Mlakar adds.

Kelly Farrell, owner and president of designRoom Creative, explains the evolution of well-established brands such as Millcraft: “Brands like Millcraft may evolve, yet remain remarkably consistent. Their change over time is incremental, purposeful and responsive. Brand evolution doesn’t ignore history, either. It builds on foundations because, while it might be relatively simple to create a new logo, it takes time and effort to create a new brand perception and make it stick.”

Millcraft’s re-branding project will ultimately include a re-developed website designed around the new visual identity.


About Millcraft

Founded in 1920 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, The Millcraft Paper Company is an independently-owned, fourth-generation merchant serving the professional paper, packaging and graphic arts industries. As the leading Midwest-based distributor of printing and office papers, envelopes, packaging, and graphic design products, the Millcraft service platform has 17 sales and retail distribution locations in 14 cities: Akron; Ann Arbor, Buffalo; Cincinnati; Cleveland; Columbus; Dayton; Detroit, Fort Wayne; Indianapolis; Louisville; Pittsburgh; Southfield and Sterling Heights. Millcraft is nationally and locally certified as a woman-owned diversity business through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and the Cities of Cleveland and Columbus. Long committed to a guiding principle of product sustainability, Millcraft paper and product lines are environmentally certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®  (FSC®) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®). To learn more, please visit .

Contact: Susan Morgan
               Corporate Project Manager

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